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  Book Meme
Because everyone and his uncle is doing it (cross-posted with my LJ)

Last Books I Bought:

Guy de la Bédoyère: Eagles over Britannia. The Roman Army in Britain
Anthony Birley: A Band of Brothers. Garrison Life at Vindolanda
Ernst Künzl: Medizin in der Antike
Georg Scheibelreiter: Die barbarische Gesellschaft. Mentalitätsgeschichte der europäischen Achsenzeit 5.-8. Jahrhundert
Torsten Capelle: Die Sachsen des frühen Mittelalters

Bernard Cornwell: The Archer's Tale / Vagabond / Heretic
Stephen Lawhead: The Iron Lance / The Black Rood / The Mystic Rose
Poul Anderson: The King of Ys
Tilman Röhrig: Wie ein Lamm unter Löwen
Sir Walter Scott: Quentin Durward (I was shocked to find I didn't have that one)

Last Books I Read:

Guy de la Bédoyère: The Golden Age of Roman Britain
Anne Ross: Druids
Amaury Chaudou: L'idéologie Plantagenêt: Royauté arthurienne et monarchie politique dans l'espace Plantagenêt (XIIe-XIIIe siècles)

Bernard Cornwell: The Winter King / Enemy of God / Excalibur
Kerstin Ekman: Guds Barmhärtighet
Herbjørg Wassmo: Dinas bok
Iris Kammerer: Die Schwerter des Tiberius

5 Books That Mean A Lot To Me:
I have more than five, for sure. Often it is an author that influenced me more than a particular book. Here's a little selection:

Fjodor Dostojevsky (esp. The Karamassov Brothers, The Demons, The Idiot)
(because he made me rethink my religious education and decide for atheism)

Thomas Mann
(there's so much in his books, and he writes the most beautiful German)

George Eliot: Daniel Deronda
(I simply love that one)

Tolkien: Lord of the Rings
(he introduced me to Fantasy)

Marcel Reich-Ranicki: Mein Leben (avaliable in English: My Life)
(because he suffered during Hitler and never bore a grudge, his it's the best description of the Warshaw Ghetto I've read)
Oooh oooh ooh! I'm in the same list as Neil Gaiman! I feel this is the start of something big . . .

I read your list. Girl, you are unbearably educated. You little atheist you, I wish I could put you in the same room as my wife. The conversations you'd have.
Lol, if she keeps the tarantulas locked away.

And I better wait for a change in your shrubby government; they might arrest me as suspected terrorist since I have a Quran and a few books about the Islam.

I have a Bible, too, btw. and a few books about Christian religion. :)
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