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  Eagle of the Sea

Marcus Horatius Aquila wants to make a career in the Roman army. But when he is dispatched to Britannia where the governor Julius Agricola fights against the Caledonians, he has dejà-vus of tribal life he can't explain. During a skirmish, Aquila is taken captive and discovered to be born to the tribes from his mother's side and heir to the leadership of the Epidii.

Torn between conflicting blood ties and allegiances, Aquila tries to adapt to the tribal culture and mediate between the Caledonian Confederacy and the Romans. But some of the tribal warriors don't want peace, the influential patrician Cornelius Scipio accuses Aquila of treason, and the auxiliaries in Aquila's charge threaten to mutiny.

When his attempts to negotiate peace between the Romans and Caledonians fail, Aquila must decide for one side of his double heritage and become a traitor to the other.

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