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  Forged at the Fighting

This is a world where the old gods are real and legends true, but the gifts from the World Beyond the Veil are powerful and dangerous. Too dangerous for humans to wield, the Church thinks and wants to close the gates between both realms.

But when familes are divided and kingdoms at war, when longships prowl the sea and raiders plunder the land, the gifts of magic are a temptation for kings and warriors alike, and the tribes outside the Christian world still walk in the shadows of the old gods, unwilling to give up their power, no matter how dangerous it may prove.

Four siblings have inherited their father's dark secret. One son will fall to the curse of a magic sword, hunted and haunted, traveling to the very borders of the inhabited world. Another, monastery-educated but with a longing for arms and armour, will become involved in a civil war and has to decide not only on his allegiance but his faith. The third son seeks a future of glory to find it will turn to ash when friends become enemies. Their sister will have to face a sorcerer queen, but only if she can embrace her own magic fully may she save the man she loves.

From the snow-topped mountains of Norway to the fertile plains at the Danube, from the swamps and forests of the Eastmarch to the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, battles are fought not only between kings and warlords, between friends and brothers, but also between the World Beyond the Veil and and the Church. The Sichelstein siblings with their magic abilites have to decide where their allegiances lie and how to use their power.

This one is in the planning stage.

Possible sequel: In War to Defend

The World Beyond the Veil is divided, too. One king of the otherworld wants to take over the realms on earth and obliterate the new faith. A man desperate and haunted like Athalard of Sichelstein may fall to the dark king's lure and turn against his own people.

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