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  The Saga of House Sichelstein

Forged at the Fighting / Survivors of Spears / In War to Defend

In the first half of the 10th century, kings strive to expand their realms, noble lords turn rebels, longships prowl the sea and Magyar raiders plunder the land. In these turbulent times, four siblings of a minor Saxon house have to fight for survival.

Athalard of Sichelstein inherits the family's lands, but also a bloodfeud that will drive him, hunted and haunted, to the borders of the inhabited world. Wittilo, monastery-educated but with a longing for arms and armour, will become involved in the civil war between Heinrich the Fowler's sons Otto and Thankmar, and must decide which oaths to keep when his old enemies play the strings. Ercenmar seeks a future of glory at the court of Æthelstan of Wessex to find it will turn to ashes when friends become enemies. Their sister Erelinda will have to face the masterful queen Gunhild of the Danes, but to save the man she loves she will have to leave behind her home and her family.

The saga of the Sichelstein siblings is a tale of family, of love and hatred, duty and honour, of divided allegiances and battles, ranging from the glaciers of Iceland to the fertile plains at the Danube, from the swamps and forests of the Eastmarch to the islands of western Alba.

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