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  Forged at the Fighting

One castle and the income of two villages are not enough to sustain three brothers. So while the Saxon nobleman Athalard of Sichelstein inherits the family's lands and a famous sword, his younger brothers have to find a future elsewhere. Monastery-educated Wittilo joins the chancellery of the German king, and Ercenmar travels to the court of the king of Wessex to become a warrior in his's host.

But Athalard kills a member of the rival Reichenbach family in a border feud, forfeiting his lands. The king grants the fief to Wittilo who saved his life in battle.

Athalard, driven by hate and remorse, hunted by Rothard of Reichenbach in pursuit of revenge, roams from the Eastmarch to Scandinavia and the Irish Sea, until he finally finds a place with the king of Alba.

In the years to follow, Wittilo of Sichelstein serves the king and administers his own lands, while Ercenmar rises to a trusted position in Wessex' royal household. The brothers learn that they can connect to the World Beyond the Veil, a world of magic whose gifts are dangerous and shunned by the Church. Moreover, the cursed family's sword has been claimed as dowry by their sister Erelinda. It will give her husband Valdemar power, but gain them the hatred of the sorcerer queen of Danmark.

But power balances shift and civil war breaks out after the death of the German king, while the king of Wessex claims superiority over Alba, and the queen of the Danes seeks new lands to rule. Battles are fought not only between humans but also between the World Beyond the Veil and and the attempt of the Church to seal that gate forever. The Sichelstein siblings with their magic abilites have to decide where the allegiances lie and how to use their power.

This one is in the planning stage.
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