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  Roman Novels

A series of novels-in-progress set in the Roman Empire, mostly in Germania and Britannia.

A Land Unconquered

Caius Horatius Veranius is a member of Varus' staff and one of the few survivors of the Battle in the Teutoburg Forest where the German tribes annihilated three legions. But when he returns to the forts at the Rhine after having been released from German captivity, he faces treason charges by his rival Publius Cornelius Lentulus and finds that navigating the snares of political intrigue can be more difficult than surviving a battle.

Arminius, leader of the German confederacy and former Roman officer, meanwhile strives to keep the tribes together and win new allies.

Then Rome sends an army to avenge the shame and reclaim the eagles, and the war reaches a new peak when Germanicus leads the legions across the Rhine in a fight that puts not only Romans against Germans, but also friends and brothers against each other.

Eagle of the Seas

During the invasion of Agricola, the charismatic Caledonian leader Talorcan fights for revenge and the freedom of his people, but internecine strife troubles his tribe. Led by Talorcan's cousin and rival, they cast him out, and Talorcan has to hide, an outlaw, in the lands occupied by the Romans.

Marcus Horatius Aquila wants to make a career in the Roman army. But when he comes to know some Caledonians, he has dejà-vus of a tribal life he can't explain. During a skirmish, Aquila is taken captive and learns that he is born to the tribes from his mother's side and heir to the leadership of the Epidii, the tribe of the Sea Eagles.

Torn between conflicting blood ties and allegiances, Aquila tries to adapt to the tribal culture and mediate between the Caledonian Confederacy and the Romans. But Talorcan's successor proves to be an even greater threat than the rightful prince, the influential patrician Cornelius Scipio accuses Aquila of treason, and the Batavian auxiliaries in Aquila's charge threaten to mutiny.

Can Aquila and Talorcan work together to prevent the anihilation of the Caledonian tribes without betraying Rome when the armies of the Roman general Agricola and the Caledonian warlord Cailgach, also known as Calgacus, clash at the battle of Mons Graupius?

Never to Return

The Roman officer Lucius Valerius Aurelianus must fight the demons of his past and his parents' ambitions, and protect the inept emperor Severus Alexander against the discontent legions. Then Severus Alexander is assassinated and Maximinus Thrax elected emperor by the soldiers. He brings with him a man from Lucius Valerius' past the young officer had hoped never to meet again.

The German warrior Ricmar is outlawed for a murder he didn't commit thanks to the schemes of his half-brother. His exile will lead him all the way to the lands west of the Rhenus that are held by the Romans. Maximinus Thrax offers Ricmar a future if he will betray the people that outlawed him; an offer even more tempting when Ricmar learns the truth about his father and his heritage.

When the Romans invade Germania in a punitive expedition, it will not only be a war between the Germanic tribes and the Roman army, but also the culmination of a family feud where brothers fight each other during a battle on the slopes of a mountain in the Hercynian Forest.

I really look forward to reading these! I've been in love with Roman history and culture since I started taking Latin in the 8th grade! I very much enjoy your posts and am glad to have found another place where I can indulge my interests.
Sounds like a lot of work in front of you. Good luck.
I am very impressed the plot outlines look very interesting. From the photos on your blog I can see that you are really hammering the research. Thank Jupiter Optima that it isn't another Last Legion! Good luck I look forward to reading the finished books.
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