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  Beyond Dark Mountains

During the invasion of Septimius Severus, the charismatic Caledonian leader Talorcan fights for revenge and the freedom of his people, but his war carries a death toll the Caledonian tribes are no longer willing to pay. Led by Talorcan's cousin and rival, they cast him out, and Talorcan has to hide, an outlaw, in the lands occupied by the Romans.

On the other side of the border, the Roman cavalry prefect Lucius Valerius Corvinus is ambitious to reestablish the lost honour of his family, only to find his attempts thwarted by his superior Quintus Manlius Lentinus. When Valerius disobeys an order, his future is at stake if he can't unveil the intrigues behind it, but the man who knows Manlius' past is a member of the Caledonian tribes who may kill Valerius if he ventured north.

But peace is fragile and a treacherous plot may lead to the genocide of the tribes and civil war among the Romans. Can Talorcan and Valerius find proof for treason in time, and what role plays a former auxiliary officer turned tribal leader?

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