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  Fond Memories

The Swedish tenor Nicolai Gedda celebrates his 80th birthday today.

He was my first love. Crazy, wonderful, adoring teenage love, the sort that made me spend all my pocket money on his LPs and pin his photos to the walls in my room. The sort that made me pick Russian as third language at school because he is half-Russian. My interest in Sweden started back then as well. And look where that one got me, lol (for those who don't know: I've lived in Stockholm for two years and studied Scandinavian languages and literature, besides other subjects*).

It all started with a recital with arias from German operas my father bought. I fell in love first with the voice and then with the man, and who cares that he's 36 years older than I? I was 13 then and the boys of suitable age were all buttheads. :) I wrote to him - oh the sweet agony of writing that letter, I think I learned how to edit back then - and he wrote back. The autographed photo he sent me still stands on one of my bookshelves (though no longer on the nightstand, and I don't put a vase with flowers beside it, lol). I browsed libraries (no Internet back then) for articles about him and learned to use the distant loan system to get essays from other countries.

My parents gave me lots of indulgent smiles, of course, but my father also bought tickets for a Gedda concert in Frankfurt and afterwards told me he now understood why I use to wax poetic about him.

That teenage adoration lasted a few years and eventually grew into a more adult admiration for a great singer and modest person. I have had several chances to hear Nicolai Gedda live, and it was always a wonderful experience.I still used to have some butterflies in the stomach whenever I met him in person (though it was never more than a few minutes after his concerts).

I still buy his CDs (sometimes the music companies kick out older stuff; and some of my LPs don't sound too good any longer, lol), and I still browse the net occasionally, though there isn't really anthying new, not for a dedicated fan like me. ;)
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