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  Grammar Question of the Week

May and might.

I have some suspicions that I use might a bit too often. ;)
This link to the language corner should help.
In the past tense "may" should be used for an open possibility - "I may have won the lottery (but I haven't checked my ticket)" while "might" should be used for a closed possibility - "I might have won the lottery (if only I'd bought a ticket)".

In the present tense they are more interchangeable, but "may" tends to indicate a greater degree of likelihood. "England may win a test match against the Australians"; "England might win the Ashes."

And of course "may" may indicate permission. "You may go to the ball as long as you are home by eleven."
Thank you very much.

I should check a bit on my might indeed.
I'm with Stephen on this one. FWIW! :D
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