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That's where I'm going tomorrow.

My mother wanted to see the place for some time, and since it's a 2 hours drive, my parents are going to pick me up so I can share in the driving.

Not that I don't want to see the town myself, lol. Nicely situated at the Elbe river, Romanic monastery, Gothic cathedral and lots of history lurking in the background. And traveling with my parents means everything free including the film for my camera. One day usually works - I just can't be with my mother for a longer time without strain and stress.

I'll post something in my Travel Diary the next days. I really should do such stuff directly after the event and not a year later, which is the reason why I still haven't written much about my journey to the Hansa Towns.

You manage a whole day with your Mum?!!! I can last only about an hour with mine; she's a menace.

Hope all went well!
Lol, it isn't always easy. But I get along fine with my father.

It was a nice day, and I managed to return without a plotbunny for a change. I'll post a bit more as soon as I get the pics.
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