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My story The Sacrifice has been accepted by the Katrina Anthology Stories of Strength.

I'm glad I can help that way.

And it's my first acceptance :)

Congratulations, Gabriele. May it be the first acceptance of many.
Yay, congratulations! :-) I recently got my first acceptance too (an article for Vision).
Wow, congratulations! Hope you get lots more in future :).
Many congratulations :-)
Congratulations! I don't remember ever reading that one. What was it about?
Thanks, all of you.

Doug, I don't think I ever posted it at WBBS, it's the retelling of an old legend about St. Columba and his "duel" with the druid Broichan.
Yes--congrats, Gabriele. Well done.
Congratulations!!! You go girl!!
Congrats, Gabriele! As others have said, may this be the first sale of a long and fruitful career!
Thank you.

*bows and blushes* "This would never have been possible without ... well, without Whisky, maybe?" To blame it on the parents is so boring, every Hollywood actress does that.
Gabriele, there you go, woman! :-)

Well, done, just be sure to tell us where to get it, we will probably ask for a dedication . . . ;-)

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