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  Participating in Katrina Relief

During the last days, the devastating news about Katrina, present all over the media here in Germany as well, mingled with the sad news from three online friends who had their beloved cats or dogs to be put down because of terminal illness. When I saw the pictures of wreckage and the overfilled human shelters, I wondered how many people had to leave pets behind, or were surprised by the hurricane like in Biloxi, how many scared and wet cats and dogs are roaming the streets and roofs in search for food and love, how many larger animals (I'm a horse girl myself) are stuck somewhere without the owners having a chance to return right now. Thus I decided to support an organization for Animal Rescue, the Humane Society, during the worldwide blog support day (click also here). I will keep the link up on the sidebar for some time.

If you have a few dollars or euros to spare, if you are lucky to sit in a nice place with a purring cat on your lap or a sleeping dog at your feet, donate.
Thanks for the links! I've been so focused on the human misery, I'm guilty of not remembering our four-legged friends! I've been glued to the TV for a week and finally got around to posting a new blog today. Thanks for reminding me about the Humane Society. I know I'd be frantic if my cat Frodo was suffering in the ruins of New Orleans.
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