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  Tracking some Romans

I'll be away tomorrow for three days to visit exhibitions about the Romans in Germany in Karlsruhe and Stuttgart. They are entitled Rome's Provinces at Neckar, Rhine and Danube, and Romans, Christians, Alamans - Late Antiquity at the Upper Rhine.

I alrady got the catalogues, two really big volumes with lots of pics and essays by specialists. Saves me carrying around the babies.

In Stuttgart, I'm also going to visit the place where I've spent some years of my childhood (it's one of the suburbs), and see La Traviata in the opera house.

I'm afraid there won't be any pics because photographing isn't allowed in the exhibitons. There's also no English website, which really makes me angry. I doesn't cost the world to pay someone - me, for example, lol - to create one, but that money never seems to be avaliable.

Oh, and I better carry some plotbunny traps with me. :-)
I am positively a pure corroded copper verdigris green with envy.
Wow, that's one impressive green you spot there. :-)
Hey, I've got a replica Intercisa helmet, as per the one you show!
Man, that's a pretty coin. I want it.
Hehe, there's quite a lot of coins buried along the Rhine defenses. Some people never had the chance to come back and retrieve the lot. There was also some Roman armour in a well, seems some soldier pursued by a bunch of big bad blond Germans cast away the proof of his job. ;-)
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