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  Christmas Poem

A poem by the German writer Theodor Storm

Theodor Storm (1817 - 1888): German poet and a novel-writer (and lawyer). He lived most of the time in a town by the shore of the North Sea called Husum and many of his poems describe this landscape.

You can find another poem I translated here.


From Heaven into valleys deep
The mild light of a star descends,
From fir tree woods a fragrance sweet
Ascends and through the cold night breathes;
And lit by candles is the night.

My heart is startled now with joy,
It is the Christmas time so dear!
Afar I hear the church bells toll,
So dear and homely they call
Me back into a fairy tale.

Again, I stand in adoration,
The old enchantment holds me still;
Before my eyes, from deep oblivion
Lost childhood's golden dreams return.
I feel, a miracle has happened here.

(My attempt at translation)

Ich wünsche allen ein fröhliches und gesegnetes Fest.
(I wish everyone a happy and blessed holiday.)
And to you also..a very happy Christmas and many blessings for the New Year.
Thanks for sharing this wonderful poem. Thanks to you, i have found some inspirations for short Christmas poems that I've always wanted to write. I have compiled few of nice christmas poems and hopefully soon I'll be able to write and compile my own. Thanks!

Happy Holidays!
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