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  The Autumn that was a Summer

The weather is incredible here: up to 22°C and lots of sun - totally unusual for this time of the year where we else get 10°C at best, rain and wind, and sometiems frost at night. I went without a jacket as late as 6 pm - in the Harz mountains which usually are colder than the surroundings of Göttingen.

The geraniums, marguerites and impatiens on my balcony are still in full bloom at a time where I the other years had already planted heather and ivy for the winter season.

Makes you wonder if that's the other side of the nasty hurricanes. The weather surely is weird. Our summer was not half as beautiful as the autumn. Not half as warm, either.

We visited the Arboretum at Bad Grund / Harz today. It's a rather vast district in the mountains outside town where trees from all over the world that thrive in the Harz climate, have been planted since 1972. So I got to see some of the ones my US friends have around. :-) The place is so large that we only managed some of the Northern American, Canadian and Japanese parts. There's a lot more. The most beautiful one was a Japanese fan maple (momiji) with the brightest red leaves imaginable. The biggest, the mammoth trees, we missed because it was getting dark already. Well, it's not that far away, we can go there again.

  Blogs as Marketing Tools

During the last days, there have been several posts about blogging as marketing tool for (aspiring) writers again, fe. on Romancing the Blog and Miss Snark's site (here and here). Scott Oden also discussed the problem.

It made me think about my own blog and what to post in order to incite interest and increase readership.

For one, it doesn't really work as a writing example, because the voice I have on my blog is pretty different from my fiction voice.

Second, I suck at humour. I love it, but I can't write it. There goes one really good way to attract readers.

So, let's look at the subjects I post about.

Writing Woes - those are fine. Most of my readers are writers and can relate to these.

Book Reviews - should probably do some more. Many blogs have them. I'll specialise on less well known books, though. Or rather, on books not discussed all over the blog sphere at a certain time. Don't get me wrong, I think it's great that so many writer-bloggers review books of writers they know, but do you really need the tenth blog entry about a book you've already decided to read because people are enthusiastic about it? I prefer to discuss some less widely read ones.

Pics seem to be fine, too, judging from the feedback.

Travel Diary entries are a problem. I never get any feedback; maybe they're too academic, too essay-ish for most readers. I consider doing shorter ones in regular intervals, though, maybe as combination with a pic (those that now come with little or no text) and look at the feedback. Too bad I can't write those in a more humorous way instead of presenting an history magazine article.

Same goes for non-writing related History posts. I've already posted less of these of late, and I'm not sure whether to abandon them entirely, or try to do less academic ones. Again, if I could do humour it would help. But somehow I can talk about academic subjects only in form of essays.

Miscellanous posts - those are ok. A little this and that works on all blogs I visit.

Politics - never done that and won't. For one, because I don't know enough about US politics to have more than a general meaning about the current president, and second, because I'm not a political animal anyway and don't feel like explaining German politics on my blog. After all, not only the readers, but I myself should have fun with my blog.

Well, I'm going to experiment a bit with my blog the next weeks. I don't aim for a readership of thousands a day, but I'd like to have enough to stop by regularly to get my name out there; especially among writers and people involved in publishing, in case some of those do indeed read blogs. That will mean as many snippets as I can without losing first rights, because those are about my writing, and in my writing voice.

But since I'm a writer of Historical Fiction, I'd like to keep the history aspect of my blog somehow.


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