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  Living in Roman towns

Some of you may remember my rant about the lack of maps of Rome 400 AD. Seems I've found something to help me - not a map, but a book about Life in the Roman Town, to come out in May via the Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft Darmstadt (a book club for non fiction books, including their own publishing company). The book will include the structure and development of towns, different styles of living from large villas to overcrowded insulae, the house/appartment market etc. Sounds interesting.

I'm a member of the WBG one for about 20 years now, and I would buy even more books than I already do if I had the money. They have tons of books about history, archaeology etc., bilingual editions of Latin authors and obscure Mediaeval chronicles, exhibition catalogues, and illustrated books about arts and architecture. Besides some fiction and natural sciences.

So, if I can find out how Roman towns 'worked', I'll probably be able to make some very educated guesses about Rome in 400 AD.
HI there!
I read some great books set in ancient Rome. I'll try to get a list for you if you want.
Did you try I, Claudius?
Hi Sam, thanks.

Yes, I've read that one, and the books by Colleen McCullough (though the Rome she describes is too early for me - I need something at least after Nero burned half of the place down, even better, a plan that includes the first changes made by Christian churches). But a list will always be welcome, if only to add to my TBR pile. *grin*
Hey, that's awesome! I remember the rant - always good when you find something to help with the research.
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