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  Five Historical Persons You'd Like to Meet

Got that one from Alex.

Albrecht von Wallenstein, Duke of Friedland
One of my favourite historical characters for a long time. Thirty Years War general with an interesting personal history and a fascinating, enigmatic character. Golo Mann's biography of him is one of my favourite books.

Heinrich (Henry) 'the Lion' Duke of Saxony
Another fascinating character who has long held my interest. His main seat in Braunschweig is only about an hours drive from where I live. He plays a role in Kings and Rebels though the novel doesn't cover his later quarrels with the Emperor Friedrich Barbarossa. I've some ideas about a novel featuring him as main character.

Widukind, leader of the Saxons
One of Charlemagne's main opponents for many years. The one I've always rooted for. The county song of Lower Saxony (where I live) still praises him, "Heil, Widukinds Stamm". *grin

Snorri Sturlason
Mediaeval Icelandic poet, writer, and politician.

Friedrich von Schiller
Early 19th century German writer, historian and philosopher. I prefer him to his even more famous friend Goethe.

The links are Wikipedia; the usual cautions apply. The facts are mostly ok, the conclusions debatable.
Snap! I've just picked up this meme too. Fortunately we didn't pick the same people. Yours are an interesting collection; several here that I'd like to know more about!
Och, you have been a lot busier than I to actually give some info about them and not only linkses. But then, if I start giving info, it'll end up in essays and me 'just looking up a few things' for a week. ;)
Yes, I know that feeling.... I wrote a lot more than I posted.
Ah. Wallenstein. I'm another fan of his, although I'm not sure I'd want to meet him. I'd prefer a tamer personality, like Axel Oxenstierna or something like that.
I think I'd be interested in chatting to Widukind. Sounds a bit like Edwin, actually :-)
Cool idea! I'd have to think about this, for quite a while.
Oxenstierna is too boring for my taste. But then, I'm a woman, and I like my men dark and tortured, lol.

Not in real life, though. ;)

he was an interesting guy. He managed to unite the Saxon tribes and gave Charlemagne a hard time for years and in the end won a political victory, even if some sources see it differently.

come and join. You need a break from all those male chauvinism among thriller writers-discussions on your blog. Some women really throw the kid out with the bath water. I've had my share of quarrels with feminists. Frankly, I take a male chauvinist over some of them any day. If nothing else, you can kick him where it hurts. ;)
My feelings exactly, Gabrielle.
The only name I recognized was Schiller. Wallenstein . . . vague name recognition only. But I do own a big fat book on European history.

I'd pick Groucho Marx, Peter Sellers, Gilda Radner, Joseph Conrad, and Raymond Chandler.
You could open the book and read the section about the Thirty Years War. If you have a masochist streak*, that is; that period is even messier and confusing-ier than other periods in European history, and that will say something.

* Wait, you have. :)
Hi Gabriele,

Came over from Crabby Cows after reading your excerpt there just to say: tell me the instant this book comes out. I must, must read it!

Oh, drool... barbarians... :-)
S.W., thanks. Yep, plenty of barbarians in the Endangered Frontiers series (the snippet on CC is part of The Charioteer, probably the first book I'm going to finish in that one). Picts, Dalriatans, Visigoths, Burgundians, a few Saxons ...

But there's also the Mediaeval saga I have to rewrite, more or less from scrap. Look at all the yellow that snippet got from CC#1. :)

BTW Sorry that Mexico is out of the FIFA WC.
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