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  About Books and Bunnies, and Other Things

1) I got my very own digital camera. It's an advance birthday present, and unexpected because the price of those darlings lies well above what I usually get.

2) I also got some books, about Heinrich IV (for the Canossa exhibition I already mentioned) about the Roman Frontiers, Roman Britain and the Late Roman Army. Loaning books is good, but owning books is better. An attitude that will be the bane of several households among my relatives that suffer from Where Can We Put Another Bookshelf-syndrome. One of these days the books will take over and drive us out. :-)

3) I'll be in Augusta Treverorum (Trier) Sept. 22-25. Lots of Roman remains and some Medieaval ones as well. Thanks to the weird price system of the German State Railway, I'll travel first class because it's cheaper. Yes.

4) There are actually some jobs I could apply for, after a long period of nothing being on the market. Got two invitations for interviews.
Hehe, just ordered another book. I wonder how many readers who don't know about Rosemary Sutcliff will be very misled by that cover. ;)
Congrats on the digital camera, and very nice about the first class travel on the train! Wahoo!
Good luck with the jobs :-)

Digital cameras are great - I love 'em as they're easy to use. If the shot is mucked up, it's no waste of film too ...
"owning books is better."
You said it.
Thank you, Sandra.

Thanks Alex, and good luck to you as well.

I suppose my father is a bit tired of me trying to talk him out of his camera when I travel. :)

do your books have books sex at night and produce all those cute paperbacks, too?

September 08, 2006
Good luck with the jobs, Gabriele.
Thank you, Marie.
I swear they do, Gabriele.
1) Congrats on the digital camera. You're going to love it. Happy early Bithday to you!

2) Owning is so much better (Beth's husband sighs and points out the financial advantages to the LIBRARY!)

3) Have a great trip. First class! Bonus!

4) Best of luck!

5) So funny, Gabriele. I just re-noticed her E-book challenge this morning and wondered if I, too, should try to tackle it. Let us know if you do!
Hi Beth,
I was spending the afternoon trip to Hedemünden trying to figure out how the camera works - it's pretty different from my father's which I used to borrow, and that auto-focus is driving me nuts.

Lol, with my father the argument, "there's some other guy who keeps reserving the books I need and I have to give them back", works sometimes.

Thanks. Twice. *grin*

I'm not sure where this new bunny is going. It seems to work fine but I have no idea about the size. I'll play a bit and see.
I could never get past my F-stop with a camera.
Do they still have F-stops?
Kinda dark down here in the cave.

--Charles Ludd
That Rosemary Sutcliff book looks like something that should be on the top shelf! I'm guessing it's actually more historical?
Good luck with the jobs, Gabriele.
digital cameras are a different world. The better ones, those that also can work like an analog camera without lots of automatic stuff, are complicated to use. It's a bit like having two cameras in one, and my new one differs from my father's which I so far have used.

Mark of the Horselord was marketed as YA in Sutcliff's time though the end is a bit on the sad side. Definitely not erotica, lol.

Thanks, Antoninous.
Whoa! That Rosemary Sutcliffe... who knew?

When I grow up, I'm gonna buy me a digital camera too!

And the breeding of books? I figure my house is having secret Romanesque orgies in the middle of the night there are so many of them popping up everywhere. The only way I can keep control is to not read so many and write them instead.

That means I'm doing PBW's challenge. (Here, though, we have plot Bilbies instead of bunnies - they're a pest and the Bilby is indigenous.)

Good luck with the interviews.
Hi Jaye,
I think I have seen a pic of a Bilby sometime, but I don't remember. I know the bunnies are a pest donw under - whoever brought the first furries ought to have known how they breed.

I came across a fun caricature once: Noah's Ark after the flood, doors open and the animals walking out. Two elephants, two girafes, he lion and she lion, two monkeys ... and then came the rabbits. More than two. Many more than two.
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