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  Summer Picture

For Bernita.

Friedrich Hebbel (1813-1863)

I saw the summer's last rose standing,
Like she could bleed, so red.
While passing by I said with a shiver,
Thus far in life is too close to death.

No breeze was whisp'ring in hot summer's day
But gently swept a white butterfly.
Albeit its wings' beat barely moved the air,
She felt it and faded and died.

Ich sah des Sommers letzte Rose stehn;
Sie war als ob sie bluten könne, rot.
Da sprach ich schaudernd im Vorübergehn,
So weit im Leben ist zu nah am Tod.

Es regte sich kein Hauch am heißen Sommertag,
Nur leise strich ein weißer Schmetterling,
Doch, ob auch kaum die Luft sein Flügelschlag
Bewegte, sie empfand es und verging.

Translation by me.
Rose in German is female, and she sounded better that it to me.
das Sommertag...
Thank you, heart-friend.
You did it justice.
Nice photos in the post below - very modern looking and so neat! :-)

And the 'she' does definitely sound better than 'it'.
thank you very much. Maybe I can do Hebbel justice but not Stefan George. :)

Crystal and Ali,
thank you for the nice words.
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