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  Opera Rara

Fine, I so needed another temptation to spend money on that I don't have.

Since my TBR pile still supports the ceiling and another Amazon order is on the way to me, I'll go for some opera CDs the next months. I already have a nice collection of unknown operas by Donizetti, and Opera Rara has five more. Yay. Not to mention I need to replace some old Verdi tapes with CDs, and then there's always some Meyerbeer.

The good thing is our University Library has started to collect CDs and obviously, they found the Opera Rara site, too, so I can loan some and figure out which one I want first - because in the long run, I'm going to want them All. For. My. Very. Own. :-)

Btw, I wonder if anyone would be interested in posts about opera. It's easy to find information about fe. Verdi's Aida, but what about his Giovanna d'Arco, or Donizetti's Belisario, to name just two. Opera can be fun because of the outrageous plots, lol, and sometimes the history behind a work is interesting.

Not to mention I love, love, love the music.
I'm always ordering something from Amazon. I can't help myself even though I know I really can't afford it. Books and music are my passion.

Yes, I'd like to see some posts about opera.
I know nothing about opera, and would be happy to have my education expanded!
Sounds good to me! My musical ear isn't all that good, but I do enjoy opera.
Thanks everyone,
I'll add opera to the ideas for future blog posts.
Is this where I confess I bought an Opera for Dummies book because although I love the music, I know nothing about the history or stories? And I went to a good school.

Feel free to be educational, Gabriele. I'd appreciate it. :)
There's Opera for Dummies? I had no idea but is sounds like a useful book.

I'd need Pop, Rock and all that Jazz for Dummies lol, I can't tell any of that stuff apart beyond 'it sounds scary.'
Some of the Dummies books are really good. I learned a lot from the Opera one. Then I went on a Celtic music jag and forgot it all.

Here's a scary thought for you- I have three teenagers and We All Like The Same Rock Music.

Scary, huh? :)
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