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  Spreading Another Meme

This time it's Susan Higginbotham's fault. :)

Straight Historical, Historical Mystery, Historical Fantasy, Historical Romance, or Time Travel?
Straight mostly, but I also read Historical Fantasy and other Alternate takes. Mystery sometimes, Romance seldom.

Historical Figures as Main Characters or Purely Fictional Characters in Historical Settings as Main Characters?
I take both.

Hardback, Trade Paperback, or Mass Market Paperback?
Trade or Mass Market - there are few authors I buy in hardback.

Philippa Gregory or Margaret George?
Haven't read either yet, but George is on my To Buy list.

Amazon or Brick and Mortar?
Amazon, much easier to find books there.

Bernard Cornwell or Sharon Penman?
I like both. Maybe Cornwell a tad more since I'm such an action girl, lol.

Barnes & Noble or Borders?
We don't have them in Germany

First Historical Novel You Ever Remember Reading?
Em, the Illiad and Song of the Niblungs? Novel would be Ich zog mit Hannibal (I traveled with Hannibal) by Hans Baumann and Eagle of the Ninth, Sutcliff. Ivanhoe was one of my very early reads as well.

Alphabetize by Author, Alphabetize by Title, or Random?

Keep, Throw Away, or Sell?
Most books I keep, some I sell or donate to a library.

Jean Plaidy or Norah Lofts?
Same as with Gregory, haven't read them yet.

Read with Dust Jacket or Remove It?
Read with dust jacket.

Stop Reading When Tired or at Chapter Breaks?
Chapter breaks or section breaks.

“It was a dark and stormy night” or “Once upon a time”?
It was a dark and stormy night,” I guess. Nothing like hopping into the middle of the action.

Buy or Borrow?
Buy most of the time, except when I'm unsure whether I'll like it.

Buying Choice: Book Reviews, Recommendations, or Browsing?
Recommendations and Reviews.

Dorothy Dunnett or Anya Seton?

Tidy Ending or Cliffhanger?
Cliffhangers are ok in a series but else I prefer a tidy ending.

Sticking Close to Known Historical Fact, or Using Historical Fact as Wallpaper?
Sticking close to known facts. If you don't, call it Historical Fantasy or Alternate History.

Morning Reading, Afternoon Reading or Nighttime Reading?

Series or Standalone?

Favorite Book of Which Nobody Else Has Heard?
I could be evil and list some German authors who alas, never get translated, but I'll name Halldór Laxness' Gerpla (The Happy Warriors) instead.

And I tag ... drumroll ...
Scott Oden (He owes me for the last one)
David Anthony Durham (One of the new guys on my blogroll, and I'm curious.)
Celedë Anthaas (Because it's the official acceptance into the blogsphere to get tagged for a meme. *grin*)

Park in Braunlage / Harz
Thanks for playing!

Hello. Thanks for the mention! I'm glad you're curious, and I hope I don't disappoint.

Interesting blog and projects you have going. I'll be dropping in every now and then.


Fun Meme!
And what was the Boobies Incident?????
That's a pretty good meme. I think I'll have a go too.
you're welcome. That one was fun.

thank you for your interest in my blog. I like yours. :)

some female agent or editor who likes girls groped a newly published author at a meeting (I think it was RWA). She was said to have shouted "boobies!" loud enough for several witnesses to hear. It's an old story, though.

thanks. Have fun playing. :)
I think I'll have to develop my own meme sometime. They are interesting and you learn a lot. :) Of course, I'll have to do a poetry one to start.

(FYI, I listened to the Barber of Seville while driving across state today. Opera + empty landscape made for some interesting thoughts. I feel new poems coming on. Thanks, Gabriele.)
Opera is a great source of inspiration, Constance. Glad you liked it.

But inventing memes? It's bad enough to spread them, lol.

Must be those Dark Side cookies.
The Dark Side cookies made me do it! I also confess to other despicable habits - like programming computers. *g*
My indignity is complete. I must do a meme to redeem myself. Or get revenge. I forget which.
I loved Eagle of the Ninth.
I re-read it every couple of years.
Talk about coincidence. Wandered into our podunk bookstore last night and what did I see? Pride of Carthage. We NEVER have things like that just show up, I usually have to order anything historically worthwhile. It was a sign. David Anthony Duram appears on my friend's blogs, his book appears in my town... So I bought it. :) Hey, I have to do something while waiting for my Phoenician research material to appear.

Am I being seduced back to the historical Dark Side, Gabriele? Do I need to make a cookie for that??
most of Rosemary Sutcliff's novels are books I reread regularly. Somehow they've appealed to me all the time from 8 to 45. :)

that's quite a conincidence. Must be the work of the historical Dark Side indeed. mwuahaha :)
Cool meme. Saw it first on Wynn Brexton's site (I think Gabriele memed her). I'm not an historical fiction writer (fantasy), but I love history. It was interesting to read what history writers think about historical fiction!

I'm sooo looking forward to finding Gabriele's books in my local bookstores!
Thank you, Adrian. I'd better kick Constance's procrastination gnomes out and get some writing done, then. :)
Don't send them over here! They'll have a party and I'll never get this chapter finished!

I'm a bit slow, perhaps, but I'm not entirely up on what getting "tagged" for a meme means. I think, however, I understand now that you mentioned it on my blog, and since I noticed that Scott did one. My apologies on the delay, and yes, I'll post my own soon.

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