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  Another Glimpse from the Past

Only a pretty photo today. It shows Bursfelde Abbey at the Weser, a Romanesque church founded in 1093. It is built in the basilica style, that is, the aisles are lower than the main nave. Note the thick walls and small windows.

The church is still in use today. I like to visit the place because it's so calm and ancient, almost like traveling back in time.
Ah.The white horse, the bent figure.
That picture could have been taken a thousand years ago...
Bernita, it is one of those magic places where at certain times, when there are no modern dressed people around and the light is right, you can feel like being in a different time.
I bet there's chickens on the other side of the fence. :) I love how it belongs in the landscape, not set aside - or set apart.
There are chickens on the other side of the fence, lol. Bursfelde is one of those small villages that still have some traditional farms people keep besides a day job, a few chicks, a pig or two fed with kitchen scraps instead of antibiotics ... It also has a suprisingly good restauramt. :)
Ah, an anachronism. I would feel right at home there. :)

(Word verif: ylwsxydnz
What's up with THAT? don't make me send the gnome over.)
Add one or two random apostrophes, and you've got a good name for some Fantasy race/people. :)

I like Tad Williams' Memory, Sorrow and Thorn books, but someone should have blocked the ' key on his computer every time he typed Sithi names and rhymes.
I'm j'ust in t'he mo'od to over'us'e a fe'w apo'strophes . . . don't mind' m'e :)
Shouldn't you be writing? :P

Where's Idby's evil twin when you need him?
Apostrophes make me crazy. I prefer to call my fantasy race...

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