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  Historians Have Two Saints

You'll remember the poll to elect a patron saint for historians. The outcome is a tie in of Bede Venerabilis and Eusebius of Caesarea.

So we now know for whom to lit a candle when our research doesn't get any results because the important chronicles have burnt to cinder in a Mediaeval incendie and the Romans didn't bother to write about the quarrels among the German tribes.

I'll stick to Bede.
It's the footnotes, you know. :)

Too many books? No way.
One of the shelves in my sleeping room.
Such a well organized book-shelf!

A novel writer
It's impossible to have too many books ;) And how do you keep your shelves so tidy?
That looks a lot like one of mine. I have another tall one in my bedroom that is full of mostly research and writing books, plus another wall-to-wall built-in bookshelf under my window that is stacked full. And my TBR pile is growing every day!
That is a nice and tidy bookshelf - I will not be posting a photo of mine anytime soon, lol.
I'm with Sam!
Lol, thanks everyone. I'm weird - I can tolerate a certain layer of dust until I get the vacuum cleaner and a wet towel, but I can't stand things lying around on the floor and books sticking out of the shelves in all directions.

Must be the mix of German and Russian blood. :)
Two saints! Hurrah! We can hedge our bets by petitioning both of them (after all, you're always supposed to consult more than one source...)

Wow - there's still some space on your bookshelves. I'm amazed. Mine are always crammed.
Lol, the archaeological magazines on the left middle shelf will soon be put in a special box so they can stand upright, that'll leave space for some more books. :)
Great photo - your bookshelves are a lot tidier than mine! I'm sure my books are secretly breeding - the piles next to the bookcases get bigger day by day...
Lol, the piles get transfered to shelves (though I am running out of space where to put those, soon) or get abandoned if they prove to be boring books.
Gabriele, I think you need to host a bookshelf challenge. *g* Neatest to messiest. Extra points to those that alphabetize.
I have some display book shelves in the living room that (sometimes) are that neatly organized. Now my den is a different story. Let's not mention the small book cases in bedroom
Lol, Constance.

No, I don't alphabetize. :)
Thanks for the link, Gabrielle. I'm happy Bede made it to the final.
I'm like you Gabriele, I can't stand books and stuff lying around on the floor. However, I don't think that my bookshelves are as tidy as yours.
How can you not alphabetize? I can't help but alphabetize. It's a great distraction from writing, by the way.

I'm disappointed that I can't read the actual titles on your shelf, though. Strange how interesting other people's bookshelves are...
Lol, next time I'll take a closeup of the titles. :)

It's a mix of fiction and non fiction in several languages.
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