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  Two Year Bloggiversary and a Meme

It's two years today I officially started my blog. Already two years? And 268 posts. Time flies by. It gave me a lot of fun and a number of online friends I met via comments on my blog and clicking links on other blogs.

Filched this meme from Carla. Since I, like her, already did the original meme about historical characters, I'll do her version, too.

Three fictional characters I’d like to meet:

I go with Faramir, too. I love the combination of education and a poetic soul, and being a brave warrior dedicated to his home. He needs a few hugs, since daddy's being so mean to him.

Athos, aka Olivier Comte de la Fère (Three Musketeers). So noble and tortured. And good with a rapier.

Teja (Felix Dahn, Ein Kampf um Rom). I'm cheating a bit, Teja is a historical character, one of the Ostrogoth kings in the unhappy years between Theodoric's death and the final fall of the Ostrogoth realm in Italy. But there's little known about him, and the version Dahn brought to life is another tortured character, warrior and poet.

A pattern? No way. *grin*
Hugh Berenger from the Cadfael series would be interesting, too.

Three fictional characters I’m heartily glad that I’ll never have to meet:

Heathcliff. He's not a tortured soul, he's a brat.

Karl Artur Ekenstedt (Selma Lagerlöf, Charlotte Löwenskjöld, Anna Svärd). A holier than thou Christian who makes life a misery for the people who love him.

Egil Skallagrimsson. Being in a constantly bad mood doesn't begin to describe him.

Three fictional characters who scare me:

Nikolaj Stavrogin (Dostojevsky, The Demons). He is fascinating, but definitely creepy.


Collin aka Vautrin aka Trompe la Mort aka some more names, from several novels in Balzac's Comédie Humaine (among others, Father Goriot and Splendour and Misery of Courtisans). He makes Mafia bosses look nice.

Sieber river, Harz
Happy Bloggiversary! d:))
Thank you. :)
Congrats on the two years posting.
Happy blog-anniversary! Two years must make you practically a founder member, no?

Is Egil Skallagrimsson fictional? I thought about him for my list, but I had an idea that he was based on a real person.
Ohhhh Faramir!!!
You and I will have to duke this one out - he's mine, all mine!! (LOL)
Well, maybe I'll share...with Aragorn.
Hmmm. I definetly have to stop reading the secret diaries of the Lord of the Rings, lol!
Thanks, Ann.

he is mentioned in the Landnamabók so he's most probably historical. But during the 300 years between the colonization of Iceland and the sagas, facts have been distorte a lot (remember the historical background of the Song of Roland). Therefore I count him as fictional character.

I won't mind sharing him with Éomer.
Those Secret Diaries are a hoot, ain't they? :)
Whatever happened to 'The Secret Diary of the Fellowship's Blanket'? That one seems to have vanished from the net.
Faramir is mine, my own, my precioussssss! ;)

"Is not that being defeated by last alliance is so bad, is not even that being reduced to a disembodied eyeball is so bad, although Visine would be a comfort. But whose bright idea was it to slice onions in here?" Hehe... I love the VSDs
Wow, Faramir is really popular.

The girls on my blog roll have a good taste in me. *grin*
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