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  Sinister Richard

This is another shot from the Richard III Museum in Monk Bar Gate, York.

He looks pretty sinister in black, though he needs a moustache to twirl to make a proper Evil Overlord ™. *grin*

I use this to announce a new blog about Richard III, maintained by Susan Higgin-botham of Reading, Raving, and Ranting by a Historical Fiction Writer fame. Her aim is to deconstruct both the Big Bad Guy image Shakespeare presents of the king and the Perfect Noble Hero as whom Richard has recently been described in some novels. I'm looking forward to some interesting posts.

I hope Shakespeare actor David Blixt will visit her and join the discussion with his view of the character he played on stage.

Here is another pic of the interior of Monk Bar Gate house.

Monk Bar Gate, main room

It looks rather comfortable for a 14th century building, though I have no idea if they ever managed to get rooms with such thick stone walls warm. The secrets of Roman hypocaust and wall heatings had been lost then, and fireplaces don't make up for that. Though there might have been carpets and tapestries.

Closeup of one of the ceiling vaults

No torches and hanging lamps with candles these days, but unromantic neon lights.
Oh, I've always wanted to be a deconstructionalist! Thanks for the blog mention!
Yeah, it's such a cool word. :)
He does look rather mean. I love your photos, Gabriele. I must get myself organized and post more photos to my website. Finding time is the worst thing ;)
I think the thick stone walls would have taken ages to get warm, but then would probably have held the heat for quite a while. The big problem would be draughts. At least a tower room shouldn't be damp, unless the roof leaked :-)

Richard III looks like the famous portrait of him.
I'll be delighted to swing by, if Susan invites me to play. Though I won't have much in the way of history on this one, just Shakespeare.
photos aren't the problem; I keep them in files on CDs and can easily find them. But I have a box full of unsorted postcards of three years' journeys. I really should get those in albums.

I think they modeled him after the portrait. Didn't see a hunchback anywhere, though. :)

I'd like to hear your view on Shakespeare's take on Richard.
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