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  Home Again

The weather made up for it yesterday. It was one of those perfect summer days we get so few this year: not scorchingly hot (that is, no more than 25°C for me, lol) and sunny. I got a good swim in the rather cool Edersee and a nice little cruise in our friends' boat. Only sailing boats and electrical ones are permitted on lake Edersee, so there's no nasty noise from those superfast motor yachts. My brother and family were there as well, staying for a few days. I talked books with my nephew who is an avid reader, and played a bit with my niece.

Of course, I took pics, but they're not up yet. So here are some one of another little cruise - the ghost cruise on the river Ouse in York.

Evening on the Ouse in York

It was a fun little trip guided by a Mediaevalish dressed up young lady telling lots of ghost stories about Romans and robbers in York. I didn't see any, though, and I'd so have liked to meet with that spooky centurion.

What I did get was an ale called Centurion's Ghost in the Last Drop Inn. A pretty good one. Can't blame the soldiers in Vindolanda for asking to get more Celtic beer. After all, they missed their chance to get better acquainted with the German ones. *grin*

I missed ghost stories about our dear Richard, though. You'd think he left some ghosts behind, but it seems they've abandoned York long ago.

Another view of the river

And now I'll have to read up on a lot of blog posts. Our Edward and Richard fangirls have been really busy, there's some stuff about a certain Alexander and one Kassandros on Wynn's blog, Scott muses about historical fiction writers giving in to the Dark Side (of Fantasy), and a number of blogs I haven't even checked yet.
Glad you had a good time, thanks for the pictures of the Ouse River, I didn't get to spend a lot of time in York, and now you make me wish I had :). I went to the bottom of your blog and saw your horse, fed him 3 apples and brushed him for you. I adopted a tiger, but it looks more like a cat so it's now an icon for Shadow from my WIP. Loved the gnome.
Thanks for feeding Kynagos, lol. You're right, your tiger lacks stripes and looks more like Shadow.

I had three days for York, and that was barely enough.
Ooooh! *pets horsey* I've adopted a llama. Shame they didn't have mooses.
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