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  Hunting Bunnies

Because Nano is drawing near, and it's nice to have some of the furry, pointy eared critters to play with.

Imperial Cathedral Königslutter, Hunting Frieze, detail

Oops, something must have gone terribly wrong here. Them plotbunnies, they are taking over!

Another detail from the Hunting Frieze; the hares binding the hunter

The construction of the Imperial Cathedral Königslutter was begun in 1135 by the Emperor Lothar of Süpplingenburg and finished by his grandson Henry the Lion of Saxony in 1170.

It is a Romanesque building showing two distinct steps in its architectural history. The older part, the easterm choir, the lion gate and some of the pillars in the cloister go back to the early time when Lothar called in masons from northern Italy, namely a Nicolaus of Verona, who brought the use of decorative ornaments to Germany. The three naved basilica was then completed in a more austere style by German masons. The original ceiling was a cassette construction, in the 16th century replaced by cross-grain vaults, while the choir was vaulted from the beginning.

Apsis of the east choir

The Hunting Frieze (Jagdfries) outside the apsis of the choir is most probably the work of Nicolaus himself. It shows a number of hunting related scenes, and the one in the very center is the curious motive with the hares binding the hunter. Mediaeval humour or the philosphoy of the Upside Down World where Creation is out of order - those who have read Eco's Name of the Rose may remember some of the book illustrations are described to show similar motives.

There are more pictures here and here
Um, Gabriele, if you have Monty Python-esque Plot Bunnies complete with nasty sharp pointy teeth, I'm staying far away from you...

Have you captured and tagged a NaNo Plot Bunny yet?
It's ages since I've had a moment to drop by, but just to say I've been browsing through and enjoying all your wonderful photographs and snippets of information - thanks. And good luck with Nano and the plot bunnies. Hope you're soon 'haring' off on an idea!
Hehe, my plotbunnies can beat your gnomes any days. :)
I have several trying to get my attention for Nano.

Thank you, Elizabeth.
Those are some fantastic details! Love the hares and the hunter, especially.
Plot bunnies rule!
Grotequeries are fascinating.
Have never been sure they were intended soley to illustrate a moral lesson.
Bernita, I'm sure Mediaeval people had a pretty twisted humour. Just look at those fabliaux. :)
Oh, the hares binding the hunter! Part of the World Turned Upside Down that was so popular. How nice to see it beautifully carved on a church.
They look fearsome plot bunnies :-)
Yeah, and I have some suspicions they're hanging around on the Nano fourms. :)
I love the way the buildings were decorated. Do you have any gargoyle photos? They always fascinate me.

All the best with your plot bunnies for Nano ;-)
I'll keep the bunnies on tight reins. :)

I have some demons for a future post.
I look forward to seeing them. I think bunnies need tight reins!
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