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  It's Supposed to be a Meme

Doug tagged me for a meme he called easy. Pshaw. I'm supposed to post about my most frequent writing mistake.

Problem is, I don't make 'frequent mistakes'. I happens that I get some German snytax in, but I usually catch it in time. And the problem I have with characterisation is not a mistake, but something I'll need to work on. It's my own fault that I have too many of them running around in my head, lol; I should concentrate on one or two novels.

Ok, that's it for the meme. The cutie below is a black mamba; picture taken in the Snake Farm Schladen / Harz.

And here's one of Doug's favourites - a tarantula. I had problems to get decent shots through the reflecting glass, thus my readers are spared a large amount of slithering serpents and creepy crawlies. *grin*

The strange thing with spiders is that I suffer from a bad case of arachnophobia and run for the poison spray and vacuum cleaner every time one gets into my flat, but on the other side I do find them fascinating - with glass in between. I also like to see nature reports about them, and I know many people with arachnophobia would never go near one even behind glass, or watch them on TV.

Of course, that's the promised pics. What did you think, hot girls? I have no idea what makes a girl hot, I only know that most Hollywood actresses and other red carpet stars aren't attractive in my book.
That tarantula looks ghostly :)

I agree, it's important to focus on one project at a time. The temptation is tremendous, though, isn't it?

thanks for playing :)
I'll have to get back when they take some of the critters out to show them to the visitors. :)

I'm hopeless, I can't concentrate on one project only - at best, I can reduce it to some related ones, like the Empire at War trilogy.
Agh, you should post a warning when you're going to put up a pic of a tarantula!! *Shudders* :-)

Agree with you about most Hollywood stars these days. Starvation is really not a good look. I think Scarlett Johansson (sp?) is very attractive though.
Poor Alianore, I hope you won't get nightmares. :)

Ok, I'll mention it in the title next time I post creepies. Are snakes a problem, too?
Hehe, if I have nightmares tonight, I'm going to come back here and complain. ;)

No, snakes don't bother me at all - at least, behind glass! It's the eight-legged critters I can't abide. ;)
So shiny.

*adds tarantula to Christmas wishlist*
I agree. Spiders on TV or behind glass=fascinating. Spiders in my house=ick!
I'm a bit the same - if I see an adder or a grass snake outside it's fascinating wildlife and I feel very privileged to have seen it going about its business, but I absolutely would not want to see one in my house!
Lol Celede, somehow I won't be surprised if you kept tarantulas as pets. But make sure the cat stays away from them, they're not mice. :)

Carla, I'd like to have some snakes - not black mambas, exactly, but harmless ones. Though I don't have the place for a large enough terrarium.
But no tarantulas for me. *grin*
No way can a snake be called a cutie. *shudder* I'm glad we don't have them in NZ.
I'm not so bad with spiders - not that any self-respecting spider comes near our house. Hubby works in pest control so we don't have bugs of any sort around our place.
Lol, I can't blame the spiders in that case.

There were some young snakes that were cute, believe me. *grin*
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