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  Water and Woods, and a Bright Blue Sky

After all those stones, we'll need some photos with more green and blue. So here are two more shots from the Edersee Reservoir.

Mountains surrounding the lake

The picture below shows Schloss Waldeck (Waldeck Castle), a castle that first is mentioned in chartes in 1120 and was seat of the Counts of Waldeck until 1655, when they moved to the more modern palace in Arolsen. Afterwards, the castle served as garrison, then prison, and now houses a rather expensive hotel in its renovated walls.

Waldeck Castle

The mountain is less steep from the other side, so the castle can be reached by car. When the castle still was seat of the counts, the view did not include the lake, of course, but the even deeper Eder valley. And my German tribe of the Chatti lived around there as well, long before anyone put a castle up that mountain. :)
Wow. We just don't see a lot of places where the trees come right down to the water line. Beautiful.
Thank you for the pictures of mountains (I really miss mountains). And lots and lots of trees. Great pictures.
Off topic, but For some reason, both your yahoo email addresses bounced the movie list. I'll try again though!
I want to go stay there! You know there are so many places in Europe I want to go before we leave the're totally forcing me to move Germany higher up on the list.
Imagine the secrets buried under the roots of those trees...
Beautiful! (How's that for a clever remark?)
Hi Writing Angel,
welcome to my blog. There has been much rain this summer and the lake is really full. On other year there is a stripe of earth between the water and the trees in August.

we got plenty of both, fortunately.

that's odd. The spam gets through just fine. Are you sure you used .de (or, not .com? should work. If not, I'll get me a gmail account.

Lol December,
listen to the voices and come here. :)

it's mostly eels. *grin*

Thanks, Susan.
Absolutely beautiful.
Thank you, Marie, and welcome back.
Pinch me, I'm in Europe!

I think you ought to write a european castle tour guide... with a slant towards history.
John, that would be a fun project. If only I had the money to tour some particularly interesting ones outside Germany and England. Castles from Carcasonne to Eilean Donan. And another book about Roman remains from Tolosa to the Antonine Wall. :)
Beautiful. I love the castle perched on the top.
Thank you, Shelley. Castles grace some of the hills here - I have one of the beauties in walking distance, but it has become too much of a tourist attraction in summer. I may get some decent pics without lots of people in winter.
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