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  Plesse Castle - Outer Gate and Curtain Walls

The Plesse is a castle close to Göttingen. It has only been of local importance during history, but it's a pretty place, and a typical representant of the many hilltop castles this country has. Mediaeval German lords couldn't see a hill without wanting to get a castle up there, it seems. Some more important noble families collected them.

Plesse, outer gate
(The white structure you can see gleaming through the foliage is the reconstructed keep)

The Burg Plesse was founded some time before 1100 and in use until 1660. During those centuries, the castle underwent several changes to adapt it to changing ways of warfare. Today mostly ruins are left (except the reconstructed keep, manor house, and the so-called Little Tower).

I got there before the nasty weather set in and took the chance to get a series of photos of the castle ruins in the autumn sun, so there will be more pics to come.

Plesse, remains of the outer wall

They built their walls big back then. Add a moat to it, and the fact the castle stands on top of a 300 metres high hill, and you can imagine it was no fun to try and conquer the place. Constance should have a field day with it. *grin*

Plesse Castle, outer curtain wall

Oops, looks like someone has been there before Constance.

Well, not really, the enemy who did that was time and nature with its storms and rain. The place has been rediscovered in the 19th century when the remains of old castles were considered picturesque and romantic. Which fortunately led to attempts at preserving the ruins, and some reconstructions of varying historical correctness.

Remains of the curtain wall with a breach near the gate

And because it's fun, I imagined how a siege and attack on the castle may have been like
Castle pictures, I love castle pictures. I have a castle in book 2 of my high fantasy, and it always helps to see something similar when I'm trying to describe it. Awesome pictures, as always.
So there's two who'll have a field day with castle pictures, lol. The Plesse is a nice example, and not too big and tourist-y, like fe. the Wartburg.
Are you implying I look at all castles in terms of how to knock them down?? Eh, you'd probably be right. *g* I think in this case, we'd have to have help from the inside to penetrate that bad boy. Subterfuge is a lot more fun than brute force sometimes -- Especially when pounding your helmet against a brick wall is the only other option...
Lol, where's the fun in it if you can't have your characters knock them down. Look at those Hollywood movies, alway big explosions that blow up the set. :)
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