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  Autumn in Göttingen

Shelley tagged me for a meme about my hometown. And I have no pics of my own place. It's the usual You Live Here, You Can Take Photos Anytime feeling; and then they never get taken. The only one I have is the Paulinerkirche. I really need to get the Goose Girl, some of those pretty half-timbered houses, and the old lecture hall.

What I can offer is a few autumn impressions I photographed in October, but they're not from the town centre.

View from my balcony

Some of you may remember that tree with snow, and as decoration for some blogposts through the seasons.

Junkernberg Cemetary

It's one of the two graveyards Göttingen has, beautifully situated on a hill outside the town and more like a park, because there is so much space between the sections with the graves. The above view is taken from my mother's grave in the oak grove.

Way to Plesse Castle

I don't think Jannes will have admired the view, but the forest has been very pretty until last night's storm made short process with most of the remaining leaves. Winter is coming.
Lovely pictures. Looks like a nice place to live (lots of trees).
Lovely pictures indeed. I remember the tree by your balcony from last year.
I am always amazed at how similar our forests are. - though here they are largely devoid of interesting ruins.
I feel I know this place.
Thank you, Ann.

Thanks Carla. I have the luck to have retty views outside my windows. And if ever anyone is goint to fell one of the trees, I'm going to fell the culprit.

Bernita, are they? I'd always thought Canadian woods have more red mixed with the yellow.
The photos are beautiful, Gabriele. We don't have any large trees in my suburb because it's fairly new.
That's a pity. I don't think I could live in a place with no trees.

Great photo’s

Bernita’s right the North Woods look so much like the Odenwald that you would need to be a botanist to know the difference. Of course it has been a long time since you could go 35 miles (50kilimoters) in the Odenwald and see neither building nor cross road. I did that last summer in Upper Michigan.
Usually, yes.
However, one may find stands of primarily popular and birch and cut-leaf maple where the palette is primarily yellow.
Yes Hank, Germany is more densely populated, but there are still areas where you can walk for hours without meeting people. Most of them tend to stay near the restaurants. ;)

Interesting, Bernita. We tend to think about the Indian Summer in Canada as red. :)
Those trees are beautiful.

We have a few maple trees in the school grounds, but the forests are all pine and birch, with the occasional rowan and alder thrown in. I'd like a beech or an oak.

But we have bilberries :)
Lots of beautiful trees. I've almost forgotten what they look like as there's not many left where I live. You've got a great view from your balcony.
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