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  Guess this Castle

Just for fun. It should not prove too difficult. :)

It's a scan of an older photo.
I'm not sure about easy, Gabriele :)
It looks a bit like St. Michael's Mount in Cornwall.
Oh, I recognize it! It's the Eileen Donan Castle - That's a very famous castle in Scotland!
I'd Love to go visit that!
Eilean Donan. When were you there?
Some how, I knew it was Scottish ;-)
Lol Shelley, it's known beyond the borders of Scotland thanks to the Highlander movie. That's why I thought it should be easy. ;)

Sam and Carla get a brownie point. It's Eilean Donan Castle, best known from the film Highlander with Christopher Lambert. I was there in early May 1998, before the tourist season really started, so it was not too crowded. I walked thither from Kyle of Lochalsh and hitchhiked back. It's not something I'd do anywhere else, but I felt secure hitchhiking in Scotland.

Hi Alex, welcome back.
Often stayed at Balmacara just beyond this at the Kyle...

Did you see Dunvegan?
Unfortunately it takes a lot of time to get to Dunvegan Castle by public transport, so I had to skip it. But I do plan to go back to Scotland, and then I'll take the postbus all the way through Skye; I'm sure it will prove a lot of fun, aye.
I immediately thought of Macbeth...

Don't you just love those old castles? (I've been to a couple in Wales.)
This brings back happy memories. Hope
you enjoy the trip.
Wynn, Wales is high on my list of places to go.

Thank you, Julie.
Ooooh, you should definitely go to Skye! It's lovely :)
Here's me, I thought it was the Castle Aaargghh from Monty Python and the Holy Grail;}#
Celede, I've been to Skye but only to Portree and Armadale. Got the bus all the way from Kyleakin to Armadale all for myself (that's public traffic, keeping a line open that isn't frequented). It was fun talking with the driver, though a challenge as well. He spoke some odd mix of Gaelic, Scots and something that sounded like Old Norse. :)

James, lol.
Ah-ha! I've never watched Highlander so there you go :)
Och, Christopher Lambert in an - unhistorical - kilt and with long hair was quite nice on the eyes. :)
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