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  More Ceilings

These are from the Imperial Cathedral Speyer, a church of much grander scale than Heiligenstadt, and built in pure Romanesque style.

Main nave
(It reminds a bit of the Aula Palatina in Trier,
esp. considering the fact the latter had murals in Roman times.)

I mentioned in the first post that St.Martin's main nave looks higher because of the unadorned walls. Speyer is so large that they masons didn't need such tricks, thus the walls are structured by double arched windows and frescoes. The murals are not original, but there have been paintings in the Middle Ages.

Crossing dome

I took the photo for the effect; I'm experimenting more these days. The angle doesn't show how high the crossing dome is - one of these days I'll look up the measurements for Constance. *grin*

Crypt, detail of the ceiling

A fine example of Romanesque gross grain vaults with perfectly semi-circle arcs. A bit dark, unfortunately; the light in the crypt was very Mediaeval.
Nice pics, I like the crypt :)

Great pictures.

Both on this and the last one.
All these photos are amazing, Gabriele, but your neck must be sore from looking up ;)
That over-used word "awesome' truly applies.
I usually get a crick in my neck staring at the ceiling - much better to look at photos!
Thank you, Celede, Hank, Shelley, Bernita and Sam.

My neck doesn't hurt. Looks like I'm still somewhat bendable. :)
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