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  More Mysterious Lake Pictures

Here are some more pics from the Oderteich, the dark, cold lake in the Harz mountains. It's larger than the lake in front of the Gates of Moria and the Mirrormere, but it reminds me a bit of those locations.

Reflections in Mirrormere. Maybe there is a crown in those depths.

Since the Harz is rich in ore, a family of busy dwarves would have thrived there. There are stories about them, and other creatures, and no sane man wanders those ways in the dark.

When darkness falls, the kraken will appear.

I've never been there at night. Maybe I should go some day.
Oooo.... what a fabulous place to scare the muse! But at night? Hmmm... you're a braver woman than I if you do visit.
Oooh. Definitely.
You must visit there by night to see what spirits rise.
Re: visiting at night. Take pictures - then throw the camera just before it eats you. *g* Don't worry, we'll find it and post them. In the daylight...
That looks like a great place to go camping. Eerie and peaceful all at once.
my muse is a Scotsman; he isn't easily scared. :)

a place for your heroine, isn't it?

so glad to have good friends. :)

it is a great place. The only problem re. camping is that open fire is forbidden in the National Park. But for one night one might be able to do with cold food and drinks.
Beautiful place. I'd like to go there at night, but not on my own.
It would be a perfect location for Mirrormere. Is there a legend about a crown in the depths? I ask because one of the high tarns in the Lake District is supposed to contain King Dunmail's crown, thrown there either after his death or on his ignominious flight from defeat.
Carla, since it's a reservoir from the early 18th century, the Oderteich is not old enough to have developed many legends. No crown, I suppose, but a writer can make them up. :)
I think it looks peaceful, although I'm not volunteering to visit at night.
I suppose an ill humoured boar would be a greater danger than any Nessie related monster. ;)
"But still the sunken stars appear
In dark and windless Mirrormere;
There lies his crown in water deep,
Till Durin wakes again from sleep"


Those are great photos, though not exactly like I picture Mirrormere.
I'd gladly spend a night there, if no one else wants to :P
OK, let's go together. I'll bring the wine. :)
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