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  Books, Books, Books

No, there is no such thing as too many books. I'm getting very good at finding corners to sneak another bookshelf in ere I start putting them in boxes under the bed (as I did in my first appartment which was too small for an avid reader).

You remember one of the bookcases in the sleeping room with still some space left in spring 2007? It looks like this now. I do have some suspicions about the moral of books and those cute little paperbacks that keep appearing in my flat.

My Amazon orders have nothing to do with that, really. I'm no addict. ;)

And here's the bookcase and set of shelves I tucked into the parlour, between the closet and the kitchen door. Notice there's one over the door as well. That's a nice trick I can use in other rooms too - I do have one in the living room now, but there's still the sleeping room and the other parlour side left to put some. Though I'm not sure it works as well with the cardboard sort of wall some US houses have. We have solid bricks.

The thing reflecting in the mirror? It's a very British hat.

Closeup of the bookcase, because I know you want to try and read or guess the titles. *grin* It's a mix of English fiction (Historical fiction, Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery and Paranormal all thrown together) and German non fiction on the middle shelf.

It took this pic for me to notice the middle board is sagging. Looks like I'll better put the heavy books on the lowest shelf and Penman, Lawhead and friends on the middle one next time I'm dusting the place.
I made a bunch of boards out of half inch plywood, and covered the exposed ends with scrap leather and string....they look for all the world like leather bound books. Each board-book is actually the exact distance between the shelves, so they support the next shelf up just fine without looking fakey in any way.
Pictures available upon request.
Your bookshelves are a lot neater than mine! That said, I've got a tiny room and not enough shelf space, so most of my books have to balance on whatever surface they can find. Which is a minor disaster when someone makes a sudden movement. :)
Cool pictures, I'm always running out of bookspace.
P.S. Still looking for a copy of Bastard Prince. :)
Sure I want pics, Bill. :)

Kirsten, the rooms one can afford as student are never large enough for all the books. The only exception for me was Sweden because I didn't bring my entire library but rather got a card for the Stockholms Biblioteket. Still bought enough books to have had problems getting them to Germany, but not enough to fill all the shelfspace.

Thanks Ann. That bastard is really elusive. ;)
Bookshelves over the door is a great idea
Your bookshelves are very neat. I'm just looking at mine and shaking my head. Not tidy. Not tidy at all!
Carla, it's a great ressource of space you can't use any better. :)

Shelley, I'm strange. I don't mind a bit of a dust layer, but I hate it when things lie around and pile up in the corners, or the book rows meander like the things not only had sex, but are drunk and stoned as well. :)
No, you can never have too many books! Mind you, I am going to have to move house soon as I have now run out of walls for bookshelves!!

Does anyone else find it strange if you go to someone's house and they have no books at all - or just one shelf? feels very empty.
Lady D, if not for my brother, my SiL's house would be empty save for my nephew's room, but he insisted on having his books on the shelves and not in boxes in the cellar.
You're a brave woman, Gabriele. :) I wouldn't dare post pics of my untidy bookshelves. To me the spot on top of the standing books is wasted space... and room for more books!
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