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  I'm Still Alive

Sorry for not posting and commenting as much as I usually do. Life's being a bitch right now.


I love taking sunset pictures from my balcony. Sunrise not so much; it's usually too early. *wink*

Another sunset view from my balcony

Mother Nature still beats Photoshop on a good day.
That's okay, we understand. I haven't been posting as much lately either. Very busy, and when not busy, very tired. Hope things get easier soon for you. :)

P.S. Are there any other Katherine Kurtz books you need, while I'm hunting for The Bastard Prince? I keep coming across some and wondering.
Strawberry layer sunset. Lovely.
Beautiful photo, Gabriele. I hope things improve for you soon!
Good luck with it all over there...
The semi-rainbows of sunrise and sunset.
You captured them.
Thank you, Ann, Xenith, Shelley, Jonathan, and Bernita.

Ann, I have a list of books I'll try and find in Welsh stores. If I don't get the Kurtz ones still missing, I'll tell you. :)
Are you disparaging the gnomes Photoshopping skills? *g*

I quit taking sunset pictures when I realized the pictures never quite match the spectacular sunsets we get here. The sky's so big, it's hard to cram it into a 5x7 image....
Sorry to hear things aren't going well at the moment. Hope it changes for the better soon!
Lovely picture!

I hope life gets better for you right quick-like.
Constance, it's easier if the sky is framed in some way, like with that tree I keep photographing in all seasons and various sorts of light.

Lady D, it's getting a bit better. For several days it was worries, stress and migraines, now it's only stress and migraines. I hope the latter will disappear before I set off to Wales, though, since the meds don't really help any longer and I don't want to see a doc for a prescription of stronger pills; they tend to perform a lot of useless examinations and then tell you to stay in bed when the migraine kicks in.

Thank you, Jen.
Trees? What are those??

Hope things improve soon! Travel's bound to help!
That's gorgeous!

Constance, trees are mythological plants - think of scrub brush, but really really tall - that exist in the same sorts of mythological countries that have castles and such.
Lol, what Rick said.

Thank you, Susan and Rick.

Things are getting better; today I've been without a headache so far. *knocks on wood*
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