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  My Blog is Taking a Holiday

I'm leaving for Wales tomorrow and will return on May 28. Normal posting will begin soon thereafter.

Hold the thumbs for some nice weather. Rain may be typically Welsh but makes for bad photos and wet feet.

But I won't leave you without some pics.

Spring evening at the Kiessee

I finally got around to bringing my camera when I walk in the Kiessee area. It's very close to my flat and nice for an evening stroll. The only disadvantage is that a lot of people get the same idea when the weather is fine.

There are meadows where you can often find families and other groups complete with portable barbecue grill and lots of bottled beer that has been balanced on bicycle luggage holders. Fortunately I have a garden for that.

The lake is artificial and right now there are some problems with too much of that greenish stuff growing on the water. The ducks that are supposed to eat it prefer the bread they get fed. Lazy buggers.
Take a gnome! And a raincoat. :)

Remember Welch Rabbit tastes yummy but is not a good plot bunny.

According to my mother the King of England was visiting Wales and requested rabbit for dinner, there wasn’t any available so the served him what they had and told him it was Welch Rabbit.

Have fun!
Have a great trip! Take lots of pictures. :)
Soothing, beautiful shots.
Do take lots of photos.
Happy holidays, Gabriele!
Have a wonderful trip!!! And thank you for the photos! (I imagine we'll have some of Wales when you get back? (said in a hopeful tone of voice!)
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