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  They Built Them Big

Just some pic spam of some of the Norman castles in Wales. The things are huge, with massive walls, sorrounded by water and ditches, several gatehouses and lots of nasty little tricks to keep those pesky Welsh out.

Don't get me wrong, I've developed an interest in the Welsh and their history and I'm not the biggest fan of Edward Longshanks, but the castles are still great. *wink*





Plotbunnies? Of course. What did you think? *grin*

I concentrated on the walls and defenses for this selection, but I got lots of photos from the remains of the interior and some interesting views from unusual perspectives and angles as well.
Hey, looks like my house! The water I mean. I have my own moat around 1/2 the house, thanks to some unusual big rains. I even had ducks in my moat.

And yes, the Corgis can swim. :)

Maybe I'm a wee bit biased, but so far the Welsh castles are the best!
Ouch, that's no fun. I hope you don't have a well in the cellar on top of it; that would only prove useful if the ducks were gnomes in disguise, laying siege to your house.
OMG, I had to comment. Those are amazing pictures!
Thank you, J.K Coi.
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