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  Shadows and Strongholds

I stole that title from an Elizabeth Chadwick novel, but it fits just too well.

I sometimes get a bit experimental with my photography. Besides a number of delete-worthy shots, some usually turn out interesting. Here's what you can get when taking a photo against the setting sun.

Pembroke Castle

I wonder if William Marshal ever walked around his castle on an sunny evening, simply enjoying the place and not thinking about adding more defenses.

Photos like this show less detail than the human eye can still distinguish, but the stark black lines against the sky and glimmering water make for a stunning effect.

This one is along the same lines, only a bit softer in its shades.

The part Welsh, part Norman Criccieth Castle

The following picture shows some of the details the eye can see since the backlit was a slightly overcast sky, but still the strong contrast lends a menacing air to the walls and towers.

Conwy Castle

Those little dots are not dirt on the lens, but sea gulls.

Softer and more romantic is this shot against a sea and sky of muted blue. The sun was still too high to give those dramatic contrasts.

A half tumbled tower of Aberystwyth Castle

This one is very experimental. I held the camera angled against the sky to get the strongest possible black and blue-grey contrast. I'm actually quite pleased with the result, it gives the photo a Fantasy-ish air.

Dolwyddelan Castle

The arch in the foreground is the gate of the new tower built by Edward I after he conquered the castle, the building behind it is Llywelyn's Keep.
Terrific shots, Gabriele! Thanks for sharing them. d:)
Nice. I particularly like the first one.

Being up to experiment freely is one of the great things about digital cameras :)
Beautiful pictures. I did some experimenting taking pictures of flowers at the Biltmore Estate when I was home for vacation. I'm going to post some as soon as my sister mails me the usb cable for my camera (oops).
P.S. I have some duplicates of some of PBW and Holly's books, and if you'd like them they're yours (I have the World Gates Trilogy by Holly and some of PBWs romances under her other names) . :)
Adds menace and atmosphere!

The Pembrook picture is Great!
Always worth experimenting - as your results show!

And Dolwyddelan is such a great place for moody, brooding pics. I have quite a few from there myself!
Hee Hee....William the Marshal probably never thought about anything but warfare in his life. Stories about his prowess abound. My favorite is when he was escorting the Dauphainess of France, and routed a kidnapping party by simply raising his visor. When the would be kidnappers saw who it was, they all said "Run away", and did. He was well into his seventies at the time.
I made a couple of similar pictures of Prague Castle. Your right...they make the scenery look totally different! Check out

December 13, 2007.
Thank you, everyone.

Ann, thank you very much. I'll see if my nephew would like the World Gate books since I have them myself. He gobbles up anything Fantasy and fortunately has started reading English now. :)
I don't read category romance, sorry. I like PBW's Darkyn and Stardoc novels but I won't try her romance books. But I'm sure you'll find a nice home for them.
You've really captured a brooding, fantasy atmosphere with these ones, Gabriele!
Lovely. NIce dark atmosphere. I can feel the plotbunnies hidden in the shadows :)
Loving all the pics, Gabriele!
Thank you, Kirsten, Celede and Alianore.

Yep, there are plotbunnies lurking in the shadows. Looks like some prisoner is using the darkness of night to escape, or something. :)
I enjoyed your castle shots, Gabriele. I have to say there's something about a castle near the sea that I really like. Maybe it's the thought of smugglers and secret passages or something...
Well, most of the had sea gates and secret passages. :)
As usual, Awesome pictures Gabriele!
Great photos, especially the first one with Pembroke Castle in silhouette. Very atmospheric!
What dramatic photos!!!
Wales looks like an amazing place. I heard it had more castles than anywhere in the British Isles - I guess I heard right!
Thanks, Meghan, Carla and Sam.

Sam, Wales has a lot ofcastles. I only managed to see some of them (didn't manage to get the Marcher castles into this trip, fe. - well, a reason to go back, lol) but I did pick some of the most scenic ones. :)
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