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  The Bedside Table Meme

This time it's Lady Despenser. I should make her listen to an Isabella Is A Saint audiobook or something. ;)

I could take the easy way out and say there are no books on my bedside table because I always put them back on the shelves so the other books won't tumble in the row like drunk and get donkey ears. But since I'm a nice girl, I'll list them according to the meme:

The Table
A white, two drawer block with an alarm clock and a lamp on it. It's acutally a lamp for a writing desk because they give better light than the usual night stand thingies.

Reading at the moment:
Steven Erikson, Memories of Ice (almost finished, so House of Chains will be next)
Stephen Lawhead, Hood
Theodor Fontane, Cécile (reread)
Robert Jordan, The Eye of the World (Yeah, I finally caved and gave the series a try. It's more predictable and slow moving than what I've recently read, but more entertaining than I expected.)

There are no non fiction books on the list because I don't read those in bed. They count as part of my writing.

Can't Put Down:
Erikson's Malazan Book of the Fallen series so far.

Gathering Dust:
None; I give boring books to better homes. Except maybe Pullman's His Dark Materials because I want to give those another try.

Secret Indulgence:
Those epic, politically incorrect, overly heroic 19th century German historical novels. My favourite is Felix Dahn, Ein Kampf um Rom. His Stilicho is fun, too and Gustav Freytag's Die Ahnen.

Looking Forward To:
Paul Kearney, The Ten Thousand (Fantasy based on Xenophon's Anabasis, out later this month)
Sharon Kay Penman, Devil's Brood.

I'm tagging: Bernita, Antoninus Pius, Scott Oden, Larry, Joe Abercrombie
I always hope I'll eventually pick up a book I put down and did not finish. Some are going on ten years now. You'd think I'd convince myself that finding them a new home would be a good thing for both of us. I'm working on achieving that goal over the next couple of years as my library needs significant culling of the herd.
Nononono...please not the 'Isabella is a Saint'audiobook!!! *Runs screaming in the opposite direction*

And no books on your bedside table??? My God, girl, you're far too tidy ;-). Mind you, I would have thought that you'd have at least one plotbunny on there!
Jean, I give some books a second try because it could have been the wrong mood that made me dislike them, but after that, they can move on and leave space for new ones.

Lady D, my plotbunnies are under the bed where they're busy breeding with the dustbunnies. :)
Gabriele, you brat...
*Joins Lady D in running away screaming from the Isabella Is A Saint audiobook* :-)
Lol Alianore, you're not in danger, you didn't tag me. :)

But I'm looking forward to yours; I think our dear Lady Despenser tagged you as well.
All right, I did it ;)
Attaboy. :)
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