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  The Colours of Autumn

Autumn is my favourite season, and it has truly arrived here. Not only with the flame coloured leaves and melancholical mists, but also with storms and rain, and the first hoarfrosts. But I captured some peaceful photos the other day, taken at my favourite spot at the Weser river.

The fields are plown, the winter wheat starting to sprout. Brown leaves rustle in a breeze still warm with memories of summer.

Grazings and orchards down at the river, woodcovered mountains, haze-veiled, rising behind.

I love to just sit and watch the dark waters flow by and the sun vanish behind the hills. And I think maybe Arminius has sat here as well, finding a moment of peace.

Traces of the past: the the west towers of the Romanesque abbey church in Bursfelde, surrounded by some former abbey buildings.

Sluggish currents weaving their way to the sea. A river of history and myth.
I love your scenery, Gabriele! What art of Germany are you in? I've visited only the Rhinegau, which I loved, but your area looks as if it's grazing and agricultural rather than vine-growing.
As always, beautiful photos. Looking at them helped lower my stress levels. :)
When it comes to colour, the autumn is the best season. It is wonderful and the nature is the world greatest painter :)
Lovely photos. A river of history and myth - love the phrase
HI Satima, welcome to my blog. The area I live in has not the right climate for vine growing - the weather is milder in the valley of Rhine, Main, and Moselle (or the Saale further east). The Weser is half way between the lower Rhine and the Elbe in the east, very much an agricultural area.

Thank you, Shelley. If you want a larger version to use as wallpaper, tell me.

Dark Wolf, absolutely. And photos can only do so much to render the colours and light.

Thank you, Carla.
Beautifully evocative. I love Autumn
Thank you, Lady D.
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