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  Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween to my friends in countries that celebrate this day.

I found a suitable picture to go with this post in my collection of stone carved monsters in Mediaeval buildings. Enjoy.

Semi-relief capital in the cloister of the Romanesque chapter church in Gernrode / Harz

I also wish everyone who joined that particular craziness Happy Nano-ing.
ooo-er! I think you've just given me nightmares with that pic! Happy Halloween to you too!

Find a scary story told by a were-lion ess on today's 10-31 Tales from Shield-wall Books. Happy Samhain!

Happy Halloween! Great picture. :)
Happy Halloween, and good luck with the Nanoing. I can't believe it starts tomorrow.
Happy Halloween! Love the great photos. They are very inspiring to me. You should run a contest sometime, let people write very short stories or even flash fiction based on one of your photos, and then you can share the responses. That would be fun! So many of your photos evoke such great atmosphere, or suggest such great stories....

I already started my newest novel this past week, couldn't wait for Nov. 1, so I guess I'm not doing Nano this year.

Best wishes,
It was a fun Halloween. It started last Saturday with the Parade of Lost Souls, an annual event in my neighbourhood leading up to the Day of the Dead on Nov.1. So tonight there were a lot of spooks and goblims lurking around. Great fun!
Happy (belated) Halloween!
Happy Halloween (a little late, sorry).
We don't celebrate this holyday in Romania, but I like it anyway :)

Thank you very much for the link, Gabriele. I added your wonderful blog on my blogroll too ;)
I love the pic. Good luck with NaNo!!
Thank you, everyone.

Adrian, you're welcome to use some of my photos for a writing exercise / competition. I should put a note somewhere that I'm ok with fair use under a common license provided I'm named as the creative owner.
Gabriele - I posted a pumpkin soup recipe for you. :)
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