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  There's a Castle Hiding in the Woods

After half an hours walk up a mountain, we got the first glimpse through the autumn foliage. Look to the right for that square, off-white building.

Walls lit by the morning sun, appearing whitewashed despite being unadorned sandstone. But they would have been painted white, maybe with decorative elements in other colours, in the Middle Ages.

The trees made a sharp relief in front of the bright wall. A picturesque view, but not a historical one; no Burgvogt - chatellain - would have allowed trees to grow so close to the walls.

Another bend, another view. One of the palas towers, the keep you would call it, rising behind the curtain walls.

The dark side upposite the sun, showing one of the outhouses that was integrated into the wall.

It's the Weidelsburg, a 12th century castle in northern Hessia I mentioned before. It was one of our autumn day trips that rendered a nice booty in photos.

Today the ruins of the castle and nature trying to take it back form a synthesis that has a beauty of its own. Like the old folk song says: Long fallen are the walls / And the wind blows through the halls / Clouds race over ruins fair.

Great photo's with a nice story. Must have been a tame plot bunny though.
Lovely photos.
Fantastic pics!
Lovely photos. It must have been a nice walk up to the castle the day you went.
Thank you, Hank, Carla, Meghan and Shelley. Yes, it was a lovely walk up that hill.
Great photos!
Thanks, Alianore.
Ooh, I wants one! I love the meld of castle and landscape. Makes me want to get out my brushes. (Plot bunnies now come in convenient, paint tube sized forms now, too.)
Very evocative looking place.
That's very convenient, Constance. My damn bunnies still come as trilogies. :D

Thank you, Lady D.
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