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  Spring Has Finally Arrived

And so have the birch pollen. Achee.

But a warm breeze and sunshine are an improvement to blizzards, allergies nonwithstanding.

Nature is really catching up, though the pics are from May last year; there is not that much green yet.

Photos taken in the Kiesteiche park only a few minutes walk from my flat.
That does look pretty.

My sympathies about the birch pollen. It's grass pollen with me :-)
Ouch, grass is worse. It's busy spreading those evil pollen for a longer time than birches.
Love the swan. Beautiful pictures.

I've had such bad hayfever the past few days my co-workers have given up "blessing" me!
I sneeze and my ears itch,but I wouldn't mind on a walk like that. Your blog is enjoyable.I learn so many things.
My sympathies to all of you suffering from hayfever! It must be really miserable.

It was 24 degrees here on Friday - felt like summer!
Oh dear - I'd forgotten about your pollen allergy - hope you have some tablets or something for it! Mine hasn't kicked in yet - but I'm sure it will, ome the height of the grass season!
Thank you for the sympathy, everyone. Yes, hayfever - or birch fever, in my case - sucks. One just has to sit it out and hope the pills will so some good. :)
Allergies are bad news. You have my sympathy. We're having beautiful weather lately. It's sunny but crisp - cold in the mornings and evenings.
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