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  Mountains, Midges, and Many Photos

I'm back with a whole bunch of pictures. Yes, I know that's the most important point. *grin*

The weather wasn't too bad; there were nasty showers only on two days, and it was pretty warm overall as well. I even managed to get a sunburn, despite using sunscreen. Only those midges - sigh. They really can teach Edward the Angsty Vampire a few things about bloodsucking.

Sunset in Oban

The landscape of the Highlands is breathtakingly beautiful. The mountains, the water, that incredible, ever changing light .... I could go on forever. Well, instead I better give you some impressions of what to come the next weeks, or rather, months. I have a lot of material. See posts below.
Wow! Awesome! Can't wait for more!
Welcome back!
Many thanks for the gorgeous pics, Gabriele. Keep 'em coming!
You look great! And I look forward to reading more about your trip!!
Welcome back! I agree about the breathtakingly beautiful landscape (and sympathise about the midges).
Thank you, everyone. Don't worry, there will be more, once I sorted through the 2000something pics I took.

Carla, I got intimately acquainted with at least a dozen of them, and some bites still itch. I think Tolkien must have had those in mind when he wrote the Midgewater Marshes scene. :)
Glad to have you back. I especially like the photo of Tynemouth Priory. You can really see the detail in the stonework. I also like the one of Staffa. Unique formation.
I once (only once!) went to Mull in early June and some of the midge bites were still inflamed in July. I hope yours don't last as long! And yes, I am sure Tolkien had them in mind when he wrote that scene. I always picture Aragorn and the hobbits covered in itchy red blotches until they got to Rivendell :-)
Steven, Staffa is a most interesting geological formation.

Carla, geesh, those midgets must have been full of Whisky or something. I got a hydrocortisone salve (took it with me) that has brought down the inflammation on most of the bites.
Welcome back! And as usual, great photos. Looks like you went to some fantastic places - glad the weather was good to you.

BTW - those seagulls are obviously professional models ;-)
Lol Lady D, those seagulls are professional thieves. :)
Some more of Hugh's henchmen then - or at least their descendents lol!

Welcome Back!

Great pictures, waiting for more.
Yeah, pictures! *does Corgi bounce*
I love the photo and look forward to hearing about your adventures. :)
Did Hugh steal prwan sandwiches, too? I thought he was mostly after land. ;)

Thank you, Hank, Constance and Shelley.
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