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  A Short Trip to Otto IV

Another short absence. I'm going to visit the exhibition about Otto IV in Braunschweig and will be back on Friday. Otto IV, son of Heinrich 'the Lion' of Saxony and Mathilde of England and thus a nephew of Richard Lionheart, was crowned Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire 800 years ago. During the nine years of his unfortunate reign, Braunschweig became the urbs regia, and the town is celebrating this fact.

Remains of the outer curtain wall of the Harzburg

The photos in the post are from the Harzburg, the place where Otto IV died in 1218. I had been there in summer 2008.

In case you wonder why a day tour to Braunschweig will require an overnight stay, that's because my father bought a VW car (a Jetta, for those who can tell the difference) some time ago and we still have an open invitation to visit the great VW works in Wolfsburg which is close to Braunschweig, so my father decided to combine the two.

Remains of wall and dyke between outer and inner bailey

I'm not sure if photographing will be allowed in the exhibition - in the one about Heinrich IV in Magedburg two years ago it was not permitted - but I should get some photos of the town centre and the cathedral at least. I also doubt taking pictures inside the VW construction halls will be allowed - can't make it too easy for the Chinese, lol.
Love VW cars. I had a Passat wagon for nearly ten years and used it to carry bags of oats, sweet feed, several square bales of hay and bags of shavings (not all at the same time as there was limited space in the back). And before that a VW Rabbit. Very reliable vehicles, good on the gas with lots of get up and go. Need that on the autobahn.

Have a good time.
Have a good trip!
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