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  More Doune Photos

In addition to the above post with a virtual tour of Doune Castle, here are some additional photos of some places in the castle seen from a different angle.

Great Hall and Gatehouse Tower

Great hall in the middle of the pic and gatehouse tower to the right. The Pisa tower to the left is the kitchen tower. My camera can't prevent those funny angles from some perspectives, but I'm sure HBO has better equipment.

Great Hall

Another view of the Great Hall, towards the entrance side with the minstrel's gallery above. No party without music, lol.

View down from passage way

A shot down from the way between lord's hall and gallery. It was a sunny day when I visited Doune Castle; I don't know how dark the place will be on a rainy day. No wonder there seem to be lights outside the windows for the filming.

Lord's Hall

The lord's hall seen from the double fireplace. The wooden screen covering the stairs to the battlements is from the 19th century, but there may have been one in the Middle Ages as well. The flagstones are 19th century, too.


Seen from the entrance. I'm not sure what they're going to do about the pretty green grass that's probably turning into mud soon if many people tramp on it in the rain. It's not original anyway so the film crew is probably going to cover it somehow.
OMG, GRRM and Sean Bean! Heaven must be like this! I hope they go ahead and make the series - even though we might never find out how it ends...
Lol, GRRM was actually doing a cameo in the pilot and it was filmed in Doune. So he might be in a scene with Bean. :)
Great pics - love the Great Hall. Wonder how they managed the dancing withthat great fire in the middle ;-)
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