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  Summer Nights in Oban

I took my camera with me all the time in Oban, even to dinner, because with the ever changing sky and light you'd never know when the next beautiful motive would appear.

Oban Bay in the evening sun

This is another shot taken from the B&B room. I love it when the sun sparkles on water - more pretty than diamonds.

Oban Bay at night

Taken outside the pub near the B&B. I just stood there and enjoyed the view for a while.

Oban Bay, late evening

And there was that moment when the light turned into those lovely sepia tones, like on an old photography.

A detail shot taken in Oban harbour

A picture from the harbour, with the riggings of a sailing boat in the foreground. And a few of those Scottish clouds.

One of the island ferries

This was a bit earlier, when the late ferry from Coll and Tiree came in. Caledonian MacBrayne operates most of the services to the Hebridean isles.


This one was taken through the window of the restaurant where I had a late dinner. I caught the moment the sun went down in all its golden glory.

After sunset

The same view taken outside about an hour later. It didn't get fully dark even at 1 am.

White nights in Oban

The (almost) white nights reminded me of the time I lived in Stockholm where the light could be beautiful as well in summer.

Sunset in Oban

The landscape of the Highlands is breathtakingly beautiful. The mountains, the water, that incredible, ever changing light .... I could go on forever.

Great shots.

The summer pictures are so nice we just had our first snowfall.
Lovely, Gabriele! your pics are always a feast for the eyes.
Oh my goodness, what gorgeous shots! And I thought that all of your previous ones couldn't be bettered. Have you ever thought of selling some of your pictures to online stock photography companies?
ABSOLUTELY WOW - thanks so much for more beautiful pix. It makes me yearn too much to be in Scotland again, but it's well worth the 'pain' :-)
The water is like silver foil, and the sky like foil of gold.
Great shots. Really goreous!
Lovely photos, especially the gorgeous sunset. The all-night twilight is something else, isn't it? Oban must be on a similar sort of latitude to Stockholm, I guess.
Gorgeous photos, Gabriele!
I can only echo everyone else's comments - what incredibly gorgeous pics! And like Lady D, I wonder if you could sell them?
Thank you, everyone.

Lady D and Alianore, I have actually sold two photos to a Canadian publisher for a non fiction book. Never though about putting them up on a photos sales site, though.

Carla, Oban is a tad further south than Stockholm, but definitely a lot more north than my place. :)
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