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  Let it Snow

With the new year, the winter has come to Germany with snow and temperatures of minus 10°C -15°C during the nights and still below zero during the days. The sort of winter I like, though I'm part of a minority there. ;)

Fluffy stuff

The pretty pillows in the foreground are some of my potted heather. Yep, we got a nice amount of the white fluff this time, and more is to come next weekend, hopefully.

My balcony

My balcony is somewhat sheltered by the balcony above, but some snow found its way inside to powder my conifers.

Gardens in the snow

The summer gardens in the Leine valley offer a beautiful view from my balcony all year round. Now they are snowed in - let's hope for some time. Rainy winters are so dreary.
Not a lot of snow here in Cyprus. Lots of castles though....
Snow's so pretty when it's not 3 feet deep. :) Or blowing sideways at 50 mph.
Lovely pics! I have some nice snowy photos, too, that I'm going to put up on the blog shortly. I also love very cold, snowy winter weather, except when I have to travel in it (like yesterday, when our flight to Germany was cancelled).
Great pictures! Snow is lovely if you're not trying to travel in it :-)
Impressive castles, too, Stag. I've seen the pics on your blog.

Constance, we'll get the sideways variant this weekend.

Thank you, Alianore. Yes, long distance travel in weather like this is no fun, though the roads to the Harz were open this week.

Thanks, Carla.
Snow on trees in winter make such elegant etchings.
Yep - not much different from Britain at the moment! Looks like we'll just have to get in good stocks of hot drinking chocolate ;-)
Yes, Bernita, it does.

Or tea, Jules. :)
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