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  I'll be Away For Some Days

On that journey to the Rhine I mentioned before. The weather looks very British right now, except the rain isn't horizontal. Let's see if the sun decides to peep out a bit to give me some nice photos.

I'll be hunting some Roman remains, old cathedrals and castles and whatever other fun I can find on the way.

Roman fetter

Here's the Roman fetter that was found in Hedemünden in 2008. It has been cleaned and was displayed in an exhibition last year. The neck goes in the large loop, the wrists in the smaller ones, then the whole thing is fixed with the bar. It looks decidedly uncomfortable and the iron was probably going to chafe after some time.
Bon Voyage, Gabriele! I look forward to seeing the pictures you take!
Have a lovely holiday!
Definitely chafe. I imagine raw, red spots.

Have a lovely sojourn, Gabriele!
Oops, thought I'd already left a comment here! Have a great trip, Gabriele, and hope the weather improves for you! (It seems to be a bit better, here).
I can think of some people today who'd pay good money to have those fetters lol! Have a great time!
Where'd my comment go?

...anyway, more than chafe I think that device would rub raw.
Thank you, Mon Sire Roi, Carla, Bernita, Kathryn, and Jules.

Bernita, comments are held for moderation and will only appear after I approved them. Which I couldn't do since I didn't have online access most of the time.
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