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  The Newest Booty

On my bookshelves. I don't post every book I purchase, but sometimes I can't resist showing a few particularly yummy catches. *grin*

A new biography of Richard Lionheart (in German, sorry Sharon) which is said to take a critical view on Richard. It's from the Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft that usually publishes well researched books, so I have high hopes for that one.

The Harold Lamb book, Swords from the West, is a collection of stories taking place during the crusades. Lamb is a classic of Sword and History / Sorcery / Planet stories like RE Howard or Burroughs. It promises some good battle scenes.

The third book is Christian Meier's biography of Caesar, considered a Must Have for people interested in Romam history. It's another addition to the series of biographies of famous Romans I collect. So far I have Augustus, Hadrian (the Birley one), Marc Aurel, Septimius Severus, Constantine the Great, and Theodoric - if you can call the latter a Roman.

This brings my library of books about Rome and the Roman army to 65. And I still got some from our university library which are simply too expensive to buy.

Anyone else got some interesting books recently?
I really enjoy Lamb's work. He's a recent discovery for me- unlike Robert E Howard he fell into undeserved obscurity, and it's only through the dedicated efforts of Howard Jones, who runs the Curved Saber website, that some of his writing is currently being reissued. A year or two ago I was lucky enough to score a rare 1931 edition of Lamb's "Durandal", which is set during the Latin Empire period (review here). This the only edition which contains the complete work, made up of 3 original stories linked by additional writing to make a novel. I was blown away by it :)
Yay, new books! Enjoy, Gabriele! ;)

I got this for Christmas.

Braddocks March

A mini-Teutoburgerwald In the Pennsylvania woods.

A very well done popular history of pivotal though often forgotten event.
These look yummy. I can see you grinning all these miles away.
My only new books involve gardening. Now I feel very whimpy.
Annis, I found out about Lamb on The Cimmerian website. And I'm green noe about that Durandal goodie; the books are out of print but the rights haven't been given over to Bison who publish all the other Lamb stories.

Hank, that sounds like an 18th century version of the Teutoburg forest indeed. Very interesting.

Bernita, gardening is a more useful hobby than Romans. At least you can grow some vegetables. ;)
The biography of George Simmons, a British Rifleman of the Peninsular war. More of a diary really. Very fast paced...reminds me of an Indiana Jones movie!

The biography of Colonel Alexander Gardener, Chief of Artillery for Rajit Singh during the Punjab Wars. A true character, most definitely book worthy! He lived well into his eighties, used the ancient silk road to get him a bottle of scotch every day to his home up in the mountains in the Himalayas.

A "how to" manual of how to build medieval and Roman Seige engines. With amazing illustrations!
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