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  The Annual Autumn Post

Since I'm lazy there'll just be some photos today. My favourite season has arrived with the first storm that left dry leaves, overripe apples and polished chestnuts on the ground, and that rich fragrance of ripe fruit and mist in the air.

Last year we had photos of rivers in autumn, this year I'll give you some views from castle battlements and halls.


I love the warm colours and the soft haze that veils the distant views, the promise of winter in the crisp air. It's a time of melancholy and poems, of breathing more slowly and deeply, of being aware of time.


The forests turn into a canopy of gold and red and mirror the hearth fire that in former times would be the centre of life for the months to come. People would gather in the precious warmth, singing songs and mending gear.


The fields of gently waving corn now show the rich brown soil that had been hidden from the summer heat. Soon the winter grain will be sown and the vintage begin, and the festivals of autumn will bring one last outburst of cololur and mirth, ere snow and darkness fall.


Nowadays the acorns lie to rot because the pigs are no longer driven into the oak groves to get an extra layer of fat, and few people still care to collect rosehips and elderberries. We have forgotten the sweet taste of the apples we filched from neighbour's tree as children in the grocery store's year round supply.
Lovely pics and lovely poetic text, Gabriele - thanks.
Thank you, Katrhyn. Autumn always brings my innter poet out, it seems. :)
Thanks for the tree fix. *g*
Lovely pictures. I always look forward to autumn too. It has a certain sense of urgency, of hurrying to get ready before the winter arrives - squirrels burying nuts, hedgehogs putting on fat and finding somewhere to hibernate, fruit rushing to ripen and spread its seeds, swallows gathering to migrate, the geese starting to arrive from the other direction. A time of change and movement, like spring, but very different.
Autumn is when I make hard cider.
Autumn is my favourite season as well! Although it's a bit slow arriving in Wales. Beautiful pictures!
I have just flown out of Greece to find all the horse chestnuts here in Wales are turning brown. Lovely photographs.
Thank you, Constance, Carla, Stag, Anerje, and Caroline.
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